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Essential Conditions

It is mandatory to fulfill all the norms for affiliation. Our school is affiliated for senior secondary level in 2017 (Affilation No.: 2132049). Kindly have a look on the norms of affiliation.


 (1) The Board may affiliate several categories of schools all over India and abroad, as for example :

(i) Government or Government aided schools;

(ii) Schools run by autonomous Organisations under the Government like Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Central Tibetan Schools Organisation, Sainik Schools Society etc;

(iii) Schools run by Government Deptts. directly like Defence, Railways etc.

(iv) Schools managed directly by Public Sector Undertakings or by reputed societies for Public Sector Undertakings under the financial control of such Public Sector Undertakings or by Societies formed by such Undertakings.

(v) Private, unaided schools established by Societies registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of India or under Acts of the State Governments as educational, charitable or religious societies having non-proprietary character or by Trusts.

(2) Applications for affiliation may be considered under the following four categories :

(i) approval of middle class syllabus.

 (ii) provisional affiliation of a secondary school.

(iii) upgradation/provisional affiliation of a school for senior secondary stage.

(iv) regular affiliation

NOTE : The Board may grant Affiliation in vocational courses only as per provision contained in clause 13

(3) Any educational institution in India or outside India which fulfils the following essential conditions (without which the case cannot be processed) can apply to the Board for affiliation


(i) The school should have formal recognition by the State Government and its application should be forwarded by the State Government or there should be a No Objection Certificate to the effect that the State Government has no objection to the affiliation of the school with the CBSE. Condition of submitting a NOC will not be applicable to categories 3.1(i) to (iv).

(ii) Land : The School/Society must have about two acres of land and a building constructed on a part of the land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land. In metropolitan cities with a population exceeding 25 lacs, the land should not be less than one acre with adequate building and arrangement with other institution/organisation for imparting physical and health education and for conducting games, to the satisfaction of the Board. In case of lease, it will be accepted if it is for at least 30 years,

(iii) In case the school/society has recently acquired the land and has not been able to complete the construction of school building, atleast it should have constructed a part of the building and a part -of the school should have functionally shifted to it, though the rest of the classes might be running in a rented building or a building already constructed by it on a small plot. In such cases the school must also submit a documentary proof in support of their having sufficient funds for construction of the remaining part of the building.

Note : The school may have land at more than one place but one plot must satisfy the minimum requirement of land of two acres/one acre as the case may be.

(iv) The Trust or Society/Management running the school should be of non-proprietary character. The list of members with their addresses, occupations, qualifications and an affidavit from the Chairman/Secretary stating how the members are related to each other or they are not related to each other duly attested by first class magistrate should be submitted.

 (v) The school should have well qualified staff as per the norms of the Board given in Chapter IX.

(vi) The school in India must pay salaries and admissible allowances to the staff not less than the corresponding categories of employees in the State Government schools or as per scales etc. prescribed by the Government of India. The schools outside India should pay salaries not lower than those of the teachers in government schools in that country or not less than the salaries and foreign allowances payable to KVS teachers if officially posted to that country. A certificate to this effect should be obtained from the Indian Diplomatic Mission.


A school can also be considered for grant of affiliation provided it:

(a) has been recognised by the Education Deptt. or whose application has been forwarded by it.

(b) does not have adequate land as per Category-A but have plinth area satisfying the following :

- 250 sq.m. of area + 1 sq.m. for every student on the rolls for a middle school.

- 500 sq.m. of area + 1 sq.m. for every student on the rolls for a secondary school.

- 750 sq.m. of area +1 sq.m. for every student on the rolls for a senior secondary school.

 (c) pays salaries as per State Govt./UT Scales of pay.

(d) satisfies all the other conditions of Affiliation Bye laws.

Such schools will be inspected by a high level committee.

4. The Provisional/Regular Affiliation will be considered with following ruling :

(1) Provisional Affiliation : Those school which fulfil the essential conditions of the Affiliation Bye Laws may be considered for provisional affiliation for a period of three years subject to fulfilling all the terms and conditions of the affiliation Bye Laws within this period.

(2) Regular Affiliation : Those schools which satisfy all the conditions of the affiliation Bye Laws including that of the land will be given regular affiliation for a period of three years and renewable thereafter.

NOTE : Henceforth, no school shall be given the status of Permanent Affiliation. However, the schools which have already been granted Permanent Affiliation till 9.7.1993 may retain their old nomenclature of Permanent Affiliation. These institutions shall be subject to periodical inspection by the Board and shall also abide by all the rules and regulations of the Board and the Affiliation Bye Laws.


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