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The guidelines regarding the Society/Trust are as follows

(1) In case of schools belonging to category 3(1)(v) there should be a properly constituted Registered Society/Trust. It should be of a non-proprietary character and Rs constitution be such that it does not vest control in a single individual or members of a family. The alms of the society/trust should be as laid down under section 19(1) and (2).

(2) Formation of the Society/Trust should also conform to the State Government rules in which the school is located.

(3) The Board may in special circumstances exempt schools from operation of the above clause in respect of schools set up in foreign countries where societies/trust in the name of Indians cannot be registered under any law or enactment.


Following all the guidelines, The S V  Public School is managed by 'Suraj Bhan Vidya Bhawan Education Trust' . The trust is rendering a valuable service in educational field of hapur District. Dedicated to the cause of progressive education, the school has an innovative curricular and Co-curricular programme which has won recognition all around.

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